Rice Ferment Filtrate

Skin conditioning

Sake, the traditional rice ferment of Japan, was first brewed around 300 B.C. Also known as the “drink of gods”, this wine plays an important role in Japanese culture and history. It was used for many different purposes including as an offering to the gods and to purify the temple. It was also a key feature in marriage ceremonies.

Sake is a drink of reverence, family, and friendship, consumed to mark special occasions. Because it is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family, tradition holds that a person must never pour their own sake; instead, another person pours for you, and you do the same for them.

As the popularity of sake has expanded to the international stage, so have its uses. This venerable drink has made its way to the bathroom shelf. Geishas have used sake for centuries to exfoliate the face, smooth tough hands, detoxify the body, regenerate the skin, and keep their skin virginal, as if untouched by sun and pollution.

Rice Ferment Filtrate is made by the fermentation of rice yielding low molecular peptides which offer a protective function for both hair and skin. It is rich in phosphoserine, ferulic acid, cysteine, and cystine. Rice Ferment Filtrate offers skin moisturization, smoothing, and soothing properties.

Rice Ferment Filtrate is a Clear light yellow liquid with a characteristic odor, a naturally derived ingredient with potent antioxidant properties, that helps to revive skin cells, detoxifies, and relieves irritation.