Inorganic compounds

You may have heard of mineral sunscreens, sulfur for acne treatment, or miraculous clay face masks. These skin care products are based on inorganic compounds and minerals. Some inorganic compounds cannot penetrate dermal layers, yet do an excellent job on the skin's surface. E.g. main ingredients of mineral sunscreens are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. 

Others are well absorbed and influence aspects of the skin from within: interaction with skin antioxidant enzymes, influence on collagen production, and antibacterial activity turn minerals into strong advocates of the firm and flourishing skin. 

Aluminum Chlorohydrate

Aluminum Chlorohydrate is one of the most widely used and best-known antiperspirant active ingredients. Because of its versatility, it can be supplied as a powder, as a liquid, or complexed with propylene glycol, zirconium, and various buffers.

Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate

Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate is one of the aluminum chlorohydrates with a general formula Al4Cl3(OH)9 that diffuses into and physically blocks sweat gland ducts and is used in antiperspirants, deodorants, and afte

Aluminum sulfate

Aluminum sulfate is known by a variety of names, among them cake alum and filter alum. This latter name refers to its use in water treatment. It is found in anhydrous form near volcanoes and in the waste dumps at coal mines.


Labeled as Aqua, Eau, or just simple Water, it is the first ingredient in most personal care formulas. At first sight, water is just water; it is just a body of water-based product of a solvent for other ingredients.

Bentonite is one of the smectite clays with multiple beneficial properties and effects on the skin.
Black silt
It is one of the peloids that have a great therapeutic effect on the skin. Black silt contains tiny quartz crystals, chitin, ions, and other beneficial substances.

Wouldn't it be great if there was an ingredient that helped deliver better, long-lasting color while making the hair softer and more manageable?  There is no need to wait; a richer, more vibrant color that lasts longer without damaging the hair is possible with the Crodafos HCE complex.


Cyclomethicone is a generic name for several cyclic substances derived from silica (sand is a silica).

Cyclopentasiloxane is a silicon-based (five silicon atoms) cyclic compound, a clear, colorless liquid with low viscosity and high volatility.
Diatomaceous Earth
In skin care formulations, Diatomaceous earth used in high-end cleansers, exfoliants, and masks to eliminate dead cell remains, remove allergens, and pollutants and prepare the skin for future treatments.
Rich in lithium thermal mineral water from Swiss mountains. It rebalances ions, encourages tissue exchanges, revitalizes cellular metabolism, and stimulates natural protection systems.
Gold’s collagen supporting powers strengthen cell structure, as its light diffusing particles deliver instant illumination for smooth, lifted, radiant skin.

Hydroxyapatite is an association of natural minerals and a composition of trace elements present in the human body. They are nutritious elements present in the body and food as organic and non-organic compositions.

Illite is an excellent and safe adsorbent with high abundance and stability. This property allows using formulations to eliminate heavy metals like thallium, lead, six valent chromium, etc.
Kaolin, also known as „white clay“ or „bolus alba“; a medicinal clay with a high mineral content; hydrating and matting.
Magnesium Aluminum Silicate (MAS) is a white, highly purified mineral derived from smectite clays. It serves as stabilizing, suspending, and emulsifying agent for cosmetic formulations.
Magnesium Chloride
Magnesium Chloride is a magnesium salt of hydrochloric acid, a by-product of table salt production (rich in Dead sea salt), and an inorganic mineral with essential trace element. It has multiple beneficial effects on the skin, such as barrier function recovery, hydration, soothing, and antimicrobial action.
Magnesium Sulfate
Epsom salts. This small, white crystal resembling salt is used in soaks and baths to 'draw' toxic substances from the body through the skin. It provides effective relief for sore, tired muscles.
Mala’Kîte™ (Malachite extract)
Mala’Kîte™ is a mineral extract from Malachite that optimizes the cutaneous cell natural antioxidant defense system.
Maris Aqua is a highly purified seawater that contains, on average, 3.5% of minerals and trace elements, mainly table salt (Sodium Chloride).
Sea salt production
Maris Sal is a salt obtained by evaporation of seawater, an edible ingredient in crystalline form or concentrated 30% solution.
Mica is a hydrous aluminum potassium silicate mineral. It is similar to talc both chemically and physically and is used in many personal care products.
Red Montmorillonite

Montmorillonite is a phyllosilicate mineral clay of smectite gourp. There are three types of Montmorillonite clays with reddish, bluish, and greenish tints.

Rassoul (or Ghassoul) is a Moroccan lava clay used for washing and cleaning hair and skin.

Tripotassium phosphate
It is a safe food-grade ingredient found in almost all human body tissues and is used as an emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, thickener, and penetration enhancer.
Rose Quartz mineral
Tiny quartz crystals are removing old and dead cells from the skin, leaving it clean and rejuvenated.
RonaFlair Flawless an ideal filler for perfect-looking complexion by diffusion of the light, filling in wrinkles and making a smooth surface distribution.
Colloidal Silica is an excellent mineral to apply topically as the tiny micro particles help enhance skin texture and suppleness for a silky, healthy feel and youthful glow.
Sodium Bicarbonate
Alkaline cleaning agent; gently cleans the skin and neutralizes its pH value; counteracts acne.
Sodium Chloride
The main beneficial property of the table salt is water softening which improves surfactants' effectiveness in cleansing preparations, especially when the water is hard (contains Ca and Mg).