Cellulite in the gluteal-femoral region can result from genetic predisposition, hormonal disturbance, inappropriate diet, or a sedentary lifestyle. Small lobules of subcutaneous adipose tissue press into the dermis, developing an unsightly orange-peel appearance.
Chelating agents play an essential role in cosmetic products' stability, safety, and efficacy. They form complexes with metal ions and thus reduce water hardness, potentiate antioxidants and preservatives, and stabilize peroxides in specialized formulations.
Emollients are among the most versatile and essential ingredients used in personal care products today. They allow formulators to control the final product's all-important feel.
Emulsifiers are the workhorses of the cosmetic industry. They are responsible for consistency and stability but also influence important sensory and dermatologic properties of modern skin care formulations.
Stable emulsions are fundamental for the quality and performance of personal care products. Yet they are among your most challenging formulation tasks. Emulsion stabilizers must create stable, long-lasting emulsions with an incredibly diverse range of ingredients.
Conditioning is everywhere in hair care. Customers want to give their hair lubricity, feel, manageability, strength, and more. Each benefit results from the ingredient activity we call hair conditioning.
Humectants are one of the primary building blocks of hair and skin care cosmetic formulations. Humectants are materials that are hygroscopic and are capable of retaining moisture over a wide relative humidity range.
Pearling agents (or Pearlisers) are additives that confer opacity and "pearling" effects on shampoos and bath products. These ingredients produce stable, iridescent pearls in shampoos, improving the attraction of the final product.
Everything around us is Susceptible The food we eat and even the air we breathe... is vulnerable to the growth of dauntless microorganisms. Whenever and wherever they find appropriate conditions for growth, they proliferate, leading to contamination, and causing bodily harm.
In skin care, conditioning is everywhere. Consumers have always wanted their skin moisturized, nourished, restored, and protected. Each of these benefits results from the activity we call conditioning.
Surfactant is a term formed from the words "Surface active agent," which means an ingredient that lowers the surface tension of a liquid.
Thickeners are specialized viscosity-modifying ingredients added to obtain a required viscosity. Modern high-performance thickeners for aqueous, oil-based, and surfactant systems provide effective and efficient thickening at a minimal 0.5-2% use.
For cosmetic products, the packaging is an important sales point because an attractive appearance is essential if they are to have customer appeal, decoratively printed packs, and also transparent bottles that may contain attractively colored products, can be seen on the shelves of all retail sto
Due to their high energy, UV rays have various harmful physiological effects on the skin. UV exposure can cause sunburn, the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles, and premature skin aging. In some cases, periodic intensive UV radiation raises the risk of skin cancer.