Fragrance could seem an obligatory component in high-end skin and hair care products, but it is indispensable for masking some essential ingredients with an unpleasant odor. We choose manufacturers who use mostly natural fragrance ingredients, volatile compounds derived from fruits, flowers, berries, and tree bark, which provide pleasant scents, improve mood, and leave additional beneficial effects on the skin.

Some natural substances used as fragrances have protective functions against microbes, insects, and damaging environmental factors like UV exposure. So, they expose potent antimicrobial action fighting against harmful bacteria while acting as a natural preservative booster. In addition, some of them are perfect insect repellants and antioxidants protecting skin from insect bites and the harmful effects of free radicals and oxidative stress. Combining beneficial action with pleasure, those ingredients complete the sensual profile of the formulation making the skincare routine more enjoyable, attractive, and satisfactory.