Behentrimonium chloride

Behentrimonium chloride is a naturally derived ingredient, a chloride version of a Behenyl quaternary, suitable for hair and skincare formulations.

The ingredient exhibits superior wet combing in hair care products and reduces flyaway, conditioning without build-up to give hair a smooth look and novel dry feel.

Behentrimonium chloride provides conditioning effects that leave skin feeling soft and supple in skincare products.

As a C22 quat, Behentrimonium chloride belongs to the Behenyl class of surfactants. Lower irritation, more conditioning, better thickening, enhanced skin feel, and improved stick structure are all characteristics of this group of ingredients. As a result, the conditioning effects that Behentrimonium chloride provides are mild enough for leave-in conditioners and gentle enough for skincare creams. It can be used to emulsify products like ‘bareminimum’ balsam conditioners and offer economy without sacrificing conditioning performance.

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