Silk Protein

Water-soluble silk proteins are released after hydrolyzing silk fibers (subjecting them to alkali). As a result, the proteins are readily absorbed from natural haircare and skincare products, making them excellent hair and skin conditioners.

Silk protein improves the volume of the hair and makes it easier to comb. In addition, it creates a non-sealing film on the hair that smooths its structures and gives it a silky sheen. Moreover, hydrolyzed silk protects the skin (scalp) stratum corneum from injury and damaging ultraviolet light.

Its smoothing and conditioning properties provide improved manageability, added gloss, and better texture and body to hair. In addition, the film-forming action and moisturizing effects of hydrolyzed silk are especially effective on damaged hair.

In skincare products, the protein has a protective colloid effect which helps plump up the skin and increases its ability to retain moisture. The benefits are seen as skin that looks smoother and less roughened and appears less wrinkled.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Hydrolyzed silk

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