Wheat Amino Acids

Hair conditioning
Skin conditioning

Wheat Amino Acids is derived by the complete hydrolyzation of wheat protein. Obtained amino acids and remaining short peptides small enough to penetrate the hair and robust sufficient to condition from the inside out!

Once inside, Wheat Amino Acids become a powerful moisturizer (NMF) and can condition hair from the inside out - benefits it delivers from either a shampoo or a conditioner. When two separate studies confirm this, that's strong proof that natural ingredient penetrates the hair and conditions from the inside out!

In one independent study using radiolabeled Wheat Amino Acids at 1.0% in a shampoo base, 99% of the substantive wheat amino acids were found inside the hair shaft, with only 1% remaining on the surface. This high substantivity inside the hair indicates that it penetrates the hair.

A second independent study found Wheat Amino Acids more substantive when delivered from a conditioner. In this study, 99% of the substantive amino acids were again discovered inside the hair, using radiolabeled ingredient at 0.5% in a conditioner base.

Wheat Amino Acids remains just as substantive at this lower concentration. What's more - compared to shampoo at this same concentration, it is seven times more substantive than a conditioner!

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