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Lanolin is obtained from the wax found on sheep wool after it is sheared, this substance is then refined and purified to cosmetic specifications. it is an anhydrous, wax ester taken from the wool of sheep. It has a very characteristic odor and in large quantities in formulations, can be sticky.

Rich in cholesterol, lanolin is well suited for the treatment of brittle hair and fingernails and dry and raw elbows, knees, and feet. It is an amazing emollient, skin lubricant, and protectant particularly helpful in winter when extremes of temperature and wind can harm the skin.

Lanolin is also useful in natural cosmetic formulations as it adds thickness and 'body' to creams and salves without the use of chemical thickeners. It is a good choice for dry skin and pomades designed to protect and add shine to wavy, textured hair. Extra-purified lanolin is used for the treatment of chapped or irritated nipples during breastfeeding.

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