ALPHA AC3 Repair Complex

The new dimension of effective cosmeceuticals

The active ingredient complex developed exclusively for MSB® Cosmeceuticals was built on the foundation of synergistically combined advanced active ingredients derived using state-of-the-art technological platforms.

ALPHA AC3 REPAIR-COMPLEX is a real all-rounder!

The active ingredients Gatuline® Expression, Munapsys™, and Bio Placenta, are the basis for the active ingredient compound and its outstanding effect.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Ingredient products

MSB® Cosmeceuticals

What are the benefits of ALPHA AC3 Repair Complex?

  • fights the visible signs of skin aging
  • instantly reduces wrinkle depth
  • activates the skin's micro-circulation
  • stimulates the cell activity and vital functions of the skin
  • optimizes the moisture content
  • repairs and soothes damaged skin
  • supports the skin's repair system
  • relieves skin tension.