Gatuline ® Expression AF

Active ingredient complex from a para-cress plant. Paracress comes from the tropical regions of South America, Asia, and Brazil. The extract contains the highly effective and intensively smoothing active ingredient spilanthol.

Thanks to Acmella Oleracea Extract with a Botox-like effect, Gatuline® Expression AF prevents the appearance of expression lines and visibly smooths the skin's surface. Instant, visible results.

Active ingredients (or INCI)


How does Gatuline® Expression work?

An Acmella oleracea extract, rich in isobutylamides, has been developed by Gattefossé as a major safe alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Tested on nerve-muscle co-cultures, this innovative plant extract reveals both an immediate and reversible myorelaxant (Botox-like) effect. In addition, wrinkle reduction (tested in vivo) after only one day of application on crow's feet confirms its robust smoothing activity.

High-tech and ultra-rapid active, Gatuline® Expression is designed to become a key ingredient of anti-age cosmetics.