Montanov™ 14

Montanov™ 14 is an ECOCERT certified complex co-emulsifying agent and consistency factor of natural origin; it helps stabilize and thicken all types of oil-in-water emulsions. In addition, its neutral feel means that it can create thick emulsions with a light feeling in combination with Montanov™ 202 or L.


  • Improves the stability of oil-in-water formulas
  • Adds consistency
  • Provides neutral feel
  • Leaves long-lasting moisturizing effect 5hr after application (tested and proved in vivo)
  • Restructures skin, reducing TEWL (tested and verified in vitro)

Montanov™ 14 certification and feautures:

Approved by ECOCERT
It's preservative-free and synthesized without solvent.
Consistency is more stable under temperature fluctuations than standard consistency factors (e.g., fatty alcohol).


Active ingredients (or INCI)

Myristyl alcohol
Myristyl glucoside

Ingredient products