Montanov™ 202

Montanov™ 202 is an ECOCERT certified oil-in-water emulsifier and liquid crystal promoter, for a lightweight feel, with perfect end-product texture. This natural source complex is developed for lotions, texturizing, and providing a light feeling. In addition, as a liquid crystal promoter, it prolongs the moisturizing effect of other ingredients.

Properties include:

  • Emulsifies all oil types (ester, mineral, vegetable, and silicone-based)
  • Provides evanescent, soft feel
  • Improves lotion to cream textures
  • Enables liquid crystals around oil droplets and in the continuous phase
  • Long-lasting moisturizing effect 5hr after application (tested and proofed in vivo)
  • Restructuring property: reduction of TEWL (tested and proofed in vitro and in vivo)

Montanov™ 202 certifications and features:

  • Approved by ECOCERT
  • It is preservative-free and synthesized without solvent
  • Authorized in quasi-drug applications (in Japan)
  • Perfect consistency with the make-up fillers and pigments
  • Ultra-white emulsions
  • It may be used in combination with other emulsifiers (like Montanov™ 14) in the presence of electrolytes
  • Palm free


Active ingredients (or INCI)

Arachidyl alcohol
Arachidyl glucoside

Ingredient products