MultiEx Phytrogen

MultiEx Phytrogen is the active complex of the finished products for breast firming and enlargement. It is a phytoestrogen formulation with some of the most advanced botanical pharmacology, health science, and technology for topical phytoestrogenic effects on breasts.

A combination of:

  • Black cohosh: supports the regeneration process
  • Japanese knotweed: activates the skin metabolism
  • Soja isoflavones: activate the skin‘s own protective system, neutralize free radicals and protect against light-induced skin aging
  • Chinese angelica: nurtures, strengthens tissue, aromatic
  • Red clover: smoothes skin, stimulates microcirculation
  • Pomegranate: improves cell structure, antioxidant, balances moisture
  • Kudzu: nurtures skin, regulates and stimulates certain cell functions, firming
  • White Kwao Krua: rich in phytoestrogen, enhances firmness and size of the breast

Ingredient products

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