Zea Mays Starch

Sensory Modifier
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Zea Mays (corn) starch is a natural fine powder that may directly replace talc (an inorganic compound mainly containing magnesium silicate) in skincare formulations. It effectively absorbs moisture and oil from the skin surface mattifying and providing a silky-soft feel.

Corn starch improves the texture of the final product, for powders it provides flowability and spread-ability, for creams, it's a non-irritating active carrier that stabilizes emulsions and raises creaminess and self-life. Zea Mays is rich in oligosaccharides like Amylopectins that have probiotic and moisture-binding properties.

Like rice starch corn also contains Phytic acid that similar to hydroxy acids eliminates dead cells from the epidermis revealing refreshed and renewed skin. Amylopectins and Phytic acid are good antioxidants protecting dermal cell membranes from the oxidative damage of free radicals.

Pure corn starch provides a white, smooth, grit-free texture. It is used primarily in baby powders but can also be utilized as a sensory modifier, viscosity agent, tack-reducing agent, binder, and excipient in a myriad of other personal care applications.

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