The skin needs optimal hydration at any age and for any skin type. Aquaxyl™ is a complex from three water-binding carbohydrates by SEPPIC.

Thanks to cosmetogenomics, Aquaxyl™ makes us travel inside the heart of the cell to unveil the secrets of a well-moistured skin. Water, lipids, and proteins work together to reinforce the natural dehydration shield.


  • Water reserves & circulation are improved, creating a well-balanced hydric flow.
  • Loricrin, the “Shield protein,” is boosted and better organized.
  • In 24 hours, essential lipids are increased, reinforcing the intracellular lipidic mortar.

In vivo validated performances:
  • In 8 hours, water is trapped in the first layers of the skin.
  • Loss of water is under control as the barrier is reinforced.
  • Desquamation is decreased.
  • Dehydration wrinkles are smoothed out; skin is soft and silky to the touch.

Other strong points:

  • Easy to incorporate in any type of formulations
  • It comes from 100% renewable carbon
  • Nonecotoxic
  • Preservative-free




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