Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) Extract

The grapefruit, rarely called Paradise apple or Citrus paradisi, is the fruit of the grapefruit tree, a citrus plant, a sub-tropical tree in the family Rutaceae. Its scent is predominantly like orange.

The fresh scent immediately provides an intense feeling of happiness. Fresh, lively, fruity scent. Its androgynous fragrance delights women and men alike. In addition, grapefruit oil is valued for promoting circulation, purifying effect, and metabolic stimulation.

Like other citrus plants, the fruit is rich in citric acid (common AHA), which eliminates dull and dead cells from the skin's surface and enhances keratinocyte migration rate and renewal. Moreover, Grapefruit Extract contains polyphenols, reducing UV-induced damage and protecting cell membranes from oxidation, leaving a noticeable antioxidant effect.

It also comprises a remarkable amount of vitamin C that stimulates collagen production, protects from free radicals, and fights against hyperpigmentation, inhibiting melanin synthesis. Paradise apple extract is a natural and safe ingredient made to preserve the skin's original beauty.

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