Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5

Anti-eye dark circles

A significant reason for puffy eyes is water accumulation, known as eyelid edema. Fluid may build up for several reasons, two of the main reasons being poor lymphatic circulation and increased capillary permeability.

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5, also known under the trade name Eyeseryl is a fantastic, super effective, naturally derived tetrapeptide that helps reduce the look of puffy eye bags and dark circles under the eyes and helps prevent them from reappearing.

Scientific In Vivo Lab tests have shown that eye bags' appearance was reduced in 70% of volunteers in only 28 days, with most seeing a significant reduction in only 14 days. In addition, dark circles significantly decreased, and the appearance of skin elasticity around the eyes increased by 30% in 30 days.


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Glycation inhibitory activity of EYESERYL®

Glycation is a nonenzymatic reaction between glucose or another monosaccharide and a protein. The aldehyde group of the monosaccharide reacts with the terminal amino groups or ε of the amines to produce a Schiff’s base, forming fructosamine, or Amadori adduct.

At the second stage, the Amadori compound may react producing a group of irreversible reactions (oxidation, crosslinking...). Collagen cross-linking is one of the main causes of the formation of eye bags.

The test was carried out to evaluate the ability of EYESERYL ® to inhibit glycation. It is known that some enzymes can suffer glycation in vivo. Among those enzymes, we can find the Cu, Zn-Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). The SOD is an enzyme that converts superoxide radicals to hydrogen peroxide and oxygen. The incubation of SOD with glucose or other monosaccharides gives rise to glycation, which inactivates the enzyme.

The study of the inactivation of SOD by its reaction with fructose is used as a model of glycation. The effect of EYESERYL® as an inhibitor of glycation is evaluated.

A method to assess the SOD activity by the inhibition of the transformation of xanthine to uric acid with the enzyme xanthine oxidase is used. With this reaction, the WST-1 (2-(4-Iodophenyl)-3-(4-nitrophenyl)-5-(2,4-disulfophenyl)-2H-tetrazolium, monosodium salt) is transformed to formazan, a compound which absorbs at 450nm. If SOD is added to this reaction, radical O2-. is captured and the formation of this colored compound is avoided.

The results show there is an increase in the SOD activity, which means that EYESERYL® inhibits its glycation.


What are the cosmetic benefits of EyeSeryl®?

  • Fast anti-eye bag action: the draining effect reduces puffy eyebags in only 15 days.
  • EyeSeryl® fights edema-forming mechanisms such as vascular leakage. - It also reinforces eye bag tissue by avoiding protein glycation.
  • Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 also enhances skin elasticity skin smoothness and shows a decongesting effect.