Ceramide I (EOP)

Ceramide I (EOP) is a product of yeast fermentation, identical human skin lipids, including a three-dimensional stereochemical structure. Its molecule contains a Phytosphingosine backbone conjugated with a saturated ω-hydroxy acid (a fatty acid with 27 carbons) that is esterified with stearic acid.

Acylceramides such as Ceramide EOP play a significant role in the organization of the stratum corneum lipids and consequently in balancing the requirement for a relatively impervious skin with the need for flexibility. Ceramide 1 acts as a natural rivet molecule for optimal skin flexibility and will improve barrier cohesion, i.e. ‘cement’-function. Ceramide EOP reinforces the natural lipid barrier, improving the condition of dry, aging, or damaged skin.


    What are the benefits of Ceramide EOP for the skin?

    • Genuine rivet molecule for optimal skin flexibility
    • Improves skin’s barrier cohesion and integrity
    • Human-skin identical molecule that easily integrates into cell membranes
    • A natural ingredient that enhances moisture retention
    • Active and effective at low concentrations.