As a structural protein, collagen is one of the basic building blocks of life. Therefore, it has been used as an active ingredient in cosmetics for many years, where it is mainly used to reduce signs of skin aging. For this purpose, primarily soluble collagen is used, a nature-identical active agent that corresponds to human skin collagen.

It is obtained through a biotechnological process that guarantees that the active ingredient retains its original properties and is completely free of microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria. Collagen is essential for the structure and supporting function of the tissue; it ensures a firm and smooth skin appearance.

Serving for multiple fundamental purposes in skincare, collagen provides the skin with the moisture it requires, increases its elasticity and firmness considerably, and stimulates its regenerative capacities – regardless of the condition of the skin and the chosen care objectives.

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What is Collagen?

Collagen is a structural protein that is the most widely distributed in the human body (with over 30% of the total weight of all proteins). It is an essential organic component of connective tissue, which plays an essential role as a supporting structure.

Collagen fibers have enormous tensile strength and are responsible for elasticity, firmness, and the proper moisture content of the skin, and the constant reconstruction of its cells. Unfortunately, the ability to regenerate slowly decreases during the aging process and the human organism loses collagen, which naturally changes the skin's appearance.

The decrease in collagen concentration leads to a loss of firmness and moisture, which contributes significantly to the formation of wrinkles.