Citronellol is a terpenoid (monoterpene alcohol) found in many aromatic plant oils such as Rose and is exceptionally high in Citronella, from which it got its name. In small quantities, it is present in fruits, edible plants, and natural beverages and is used as a flavoring agent in the food industry; thus, it is a safe food-grade ingredient used in perfumery and skin care preparations.

Thanks to a sweet floral rose-like odor with citrus notes, it is mainly used as a fragrance, masking, and insect repellant ingredient in skin and hair care applications. But, Citronellol is responsible for several healing effects of some essential oil used in traditional medicine. It has beneficial properties such as antifungal, anti-viral, antibiotic, anti-biofilm, and anti-inflammatory.

Thanks to its antiseptic effect, Citronellol acts as a natural preservative booster, prolonging shelf-life and enhancing the safety of the preparation. In addition, it speeds up the healing of skin infections, especially in the case of Candida spices and drug-resistant strains. Combined with widely used chitosan, it exhibits potent anti-inflammatory action soothing irritated or sensitive skin.