Heptyl Glucoside

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Heptyl glucoside is a natural non-ionic surfactant derived from sugar and castor seeds (castor oil). It is also a potent solubilizer, making it possible to mix lipophilic ingredients in water-based formulations. In addition, this plant-derived compound improves skin permeability, providing higher adsorption rates for active ingredients.

Thanks to non-foaming solubilizing and hydrotrope properties Heptyl glucoside can serve as a co-emulsifier in oil-in-water emulsions and microemulsions, enabling the usage of hydrophobic compounds such as essential oils, lipophilic fragrances, and oil-soluble vitamins into water-based formulations. In addition, it enhances the solubility of surfactants in water, while providing resistance in extreme pH media.

Heptyl glucoside helps to disperse pigments in decorative cosmetics, inorganic compounds in sunscreens, and antiperspirant agents in deodorants. In addition, it improves the clarity of gels in high electrolyte-content formulas.

Cold processing is another useful property of Heptyl glucoside allowing the inclusion into a formula without heating, and the usage of fragrance compounds in water-based products, while remaining neutral to its odor. In addition, it helps save energy, minimize environmental impact and improve the cost-effectivity of production. Heptyl glucoside is COSMOS & Ecocert certified and easily biodegradable ingredient derived from renewable botanical raw materials for eco-friendly personal care products.