Sodium Chloride

Oral Care
Viscosity controlling agent
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Sodium Chloride is a table salt used in culinary that is a multifunctional ingredient in skin and hair care applications. The main beneficial property of the table salt is water softening which improves surfactants' effectiveness in skin and hair cleansing preparations, especially when the water is hard (contains Ca and Mg).

In some cases, Sodium Chloride is not dissolved and is included in the formula in crystalline powder form and serves as a mechanical exfoliator where the cubic form crystals mechanically polish the skin surface, removing dead and dull cells from the surface.

Some microbes cannot grow and divide in a salty environment, allowing formulators to use this simple and safe ingredient as a preservative, improving the shelf-life of skin care products. In addition, salted water is denser, and that property allows controlling the viscosity of a formulation.

Thanks to osmotic pressure, this ordinary mineral salt from the sea softens skin and acts as a detoxifying agent and cleansing enhancer, drawing impurities out of the body through the skin.
Sodium Chloride
Natrii Chloridum