Azelaic Acid

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Azelaic acid is another good ingredient for oily and problem skin or a skin with rosacea. It helps to prevent inflammation and their marks, soothes, relieves redness and swelling. Azelaic acid is obtained from cereals. It’s well studied and has proven by research effectiveness that it works in several directions at once: cleans pores, evens skin texture, brightens post-acne places and helps reduce skin sensitivity.

Also note that the working concentration of azelaic acid is from 10% (these can be bought without a prescription). Tocopherol, which is part of the ingredient, protects lipid molecules from damage, reduces the negative effect of ultraviolet radiation on skin cells, and promotes skin recovery and healing. Zinc oxide in the composition has a drying and anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes the balance of trace elements in the skin and prevents hyperkeratosis. Azelaic Acid slows down the formation of age spots. This is recommended for problem skin prone to rashes, inflammation and acne.