Pearl Extract

Shining agent
Hair conditioning

A symbol of beauty worn by royalty for thousands of years, the pearl is a traditional symbol of luxury and opulence. In Asia, pearl is used for more than ornamentation and decoration; it is a conventional medicine used for cosmetics.

The pearl signifies purity and elegance and gives a luxurious quality to beauty care. This, combined with the Asian tradition, makes it an elegant additive to cosmetics.

For centuries, Chinese medicine believed that pearl powder nourishes the skin and slows aging processes by improving metabolism, supporting moisturization, and protecting against damage caused by the environment. It is still used for these purposes today.

Containing essential amino acids and minerals, Pearl Extract combines refined, high-quality freshwater pearls in sea mineral water. It is the ocean's jewel that becomes a luxurious beauty.

Pearl Extract is used in various applications, including bath and shower products, sun care, anti-aging, and fortifying hair care. It enables pearl glossy lotions and shiny liquid make-up and is also used in lip care products.