Pikea Robusta Extract

Skin conditioning

Pikea Robusta Extract is obtained from sea red algae and has been shown to inhibit the formation of free radical nitric oxide. The exact mechanism of action is unknown at this time but studies have been performed to demonstrate the extract’s efficacy.

This particular algae was chosen because of its resiliency. Research has shown that air pollution plays a far greater role in the polluting of bodies of water than originally thought. Reactive nitrogen species, produced as a result of powerplant emissions, industrial smokestacks, and vehicle exhaust, fall from the atmosphere onto the surface of bays, lakes, and oceans with falling rain. Pikea robusta, one of the most abundant and widely found algae of all the red alga, has found a way to counteract the damaging effects of these reactive nitrogens and thrive.

Nature offers us a bounty of cosmetic actives that we are just beginning to discover. It has been demonstrated that a natural extract derived from red algae Pikea Robusta has the ability to reduce free radicals associated with skin irritation.

Pikea Robusta Extract is capable of providing protective effects against stresses from the environment, both internal and external. This extract helps to inhibit the production of NO• radicals, in turn, reducing the inflammatory response in the skin and thereby potentially reducing subclinical irritation and tissue damage.
NAB® Pikea Robusta
Pikea Robusta