Bisabolol substance comes from the chamomile flower, is antiphlogistic (anti-inflammatory), disinfects, and soothes. In addition, it helps reduce irritation and sensitivity associated with oily skin breakouts.

α-Bisabolol is monocyclic unsaturated sesquiterpene alcohol derived from natural, sustainable sources in form of clear, colorless to a pale yellow oil. It is Ecocert certified, safe, and clinically proven ingredient with noticeable anti-inflammatory activity against irritation, redness, and erythema.

Mechanism of action

Applied topically, Alpha-Bisabolol inhibits inflammation mediator molecules action such as Interleukin IL-1α and Leukotriene LB4, soothing skin irritation and exposing a healthy-looking, calm, and beautiful appearance.


It is a perfect natural ingredient for sensitive skin care applications,  anti-aging and sun care preparations, and specialized products for winter skin care. Bisabolol is used in high-end organic formulations for skin, lip, and body care.

Ingredient products

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MBR® Medical Beauty Research