Buddleja Davidii Extract

Regeneration booster
Skin conditioning
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The buddleja (Buddleja davidii, butterfly bush, or summer lilac) is a plant of Chinese origin brought to Europe in the nineteenth century for use as a garden shrub. Named after Reverend Adam Buddle and a French Jesuit missionary, Père Armand David, B. davidii reached London’s Kew Gardens in 1896.

It is a magnet for all butterflies and bees seeking nectar. Blooming from spring till early summer, Buddleja davidii displays large lavender/violet flowers. Belonging to the Logania family, the butterfly bush is cultivated in the Alps.

In traditional medicine, Buddleja davidii is used for its wound healing and anti-bacterial properties. The species of the genus Buddleja has a long history in traditional medicine and is used all over the world. At least ten species are used for the promotion of the wound-healing process.

A poultice of leaves of Buddleja davidii is applied directly on the wounds in Chinese traditional medicine. The water-soluble compounds diffuse directly into the wound. Buddleja Davidii extract is also used for the treatment of liver diseases, bronchial complaints, tranquilizing and analgesic effects.

Incorporated in skin care applications, Buddleja Davidii extract leaves wound healing, antibacterial, and antioxidant (DNA protective and radical scavenger) effects. It is used in anti-aging, protective, and regenerative applications, treatments, and cleansing creams and lotions in 1-3% concentrations.

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