Hydrolyzed Olive Fruit

Barrier enhancer
UV absorber

Hydrolyzed Olive Fruit is a completely aqueous liquid obtained by bio-liquefaction of fresh olives, selected among the richest in bio-phenols and derived from organic certified agriculture. After the bio-liquefaction of the fruit through a unique biotechnological process, a series of biorefining steps are performed in order to convert oleuropein, the main phenolic component of olives, into hydroxytyrosol, a much more active molecule.

Hydrolyzed olive fruit has a total phenolic concentration up to 50-fold higher than extra virgin olive oil.

The total antiradical activity is not the only important feature in evaluating an antioxidant product. The rate of radical inactivation is also very important in order to prevent the damage caused by these molecules.

Testing of hydrolyzed olive fruit in laboratories proved that the active principles contained in this ingredient are already active within the first few minutes, inactivating the free radicals.