Morus Alba Root Extract

Skin whitening agent
Hair bleaching
Skin conditioning
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Mulberries naturally grow everywhere in Japan and are planted for silk raising. Sohakuhi (Morus Alba root extract) is obtained from the dried skin of the root.  As Sohakuhi was listed in the oldest Chinese medical book or Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, it is applied for anti-bronchitis and anti-asthma because the material is effective for resolution, diuresis, antipyretic action, and analgesic action.

In the meantime, Morus Alba root extract has been recognized as a whitening agent recently because it contains some component that evidently whitens human skin.  Sohakuhi is expected to be a cosmetic material for the purpose of whitening skin.

Morus Alba Root Extract contains phenyl flavonoids.  Phenylflavonoid has a component that inhibits the activation of tyrosinase.  As tyrosinase which causes freckles does not act, human skin is free from freckles and kept from darkening.  On the other hand, Morus Alba Root Extract has been also recognized for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects in its water-soluble structure.

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