Onion Bulb Extract

Onion (Allium Cepa) is a well-known edible biennial plant of Asian origin that has been used in culinary for more than 7000 years. In addition, it has been used in skin and hair care applications since ancient times, thanks to its extraordinary benefits, including antimicrobial, cleansing, soothing, antioxidant, healing, and anti-aging effects.

Allium Cepa bulb extract exhibits natural antiseptic properties, killing bacteria and other microbes and fighting against acne, prolonging the shelf-life of preparation, and lessening preservatives content in the application. In hair care products, it eliminates dandruff while soothing irritated or itching scalp, strengthening follicles, and preventing hair loss.

Thanks to stimulating action, onion extract improves skin regeneration and renewal, blood microcirculation, and complexion, lessening redness and exposing a fresher appearance. It contains oil and water soluble fractions and acts as a botanical emollient unifying consistency and enabling its usage in all types of formulations, including lotions, emulsions, and even anhydrous preparations.

The onion bulb contains many biologically active components, including vitamins and provitamins, amino and fatty acids, and antioxidant phytosterols. This composition itself can serve as an anti-aging preparation that replenishes the lipid barrier, protects from free radicals, and nourishes skin with essential elements.

Allium Cepa bulb extract scavenges reactive oxygen spices, prevents UV-induced damage, and boosts skin recovery, preserving original beauty, vitality, and youthfulness. It hydrates and helps to retain water, smoothing fine lines and enhancing skin's suppleness. Onion extract can power any anti-aging formula, leaving skin rejuvenated and radiant, with a healthy appearance.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Caffeic acid
Oleanolic Acid
Oleic acid
Palmitic acid
Protocatechuic acid
Vanillic acid

Ingrediet products

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