Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

Film-forming agent
Hair conditioning
Skin conditioning
CAS Number(s)

Hydrolyzed rice protein is a versatile alternative to cosmetic grade proteins, carefully processed to yield a low odor and color product, which is freely soluble in water. This provides all the benefits of the more traditional animal-derived proteins but does not carry any negative connotation of said products.

Hydrolyzed rice protein is obtained from non-GMO rice, a hypo-allergenic protein source. It forms a moisture-retentive film on the skin and hair. These films have a variety of beneficial uses in cosmetic applications.

Hair Benefits

Hydrolyzed rice protein enhances the manageability and body of hair. It smoothes hair cuticles and improves gloss and texture by providing a protective film on damaged hair. It also increases hair moisture content, resulting in greater flexibility and tensile strength. Its ability to increase the moisture capacity in hair results in a healthier and fuller appearance.

Skin Benefits

Hydrolyzed rice protein forms a non-tacky film that helps to minimize roughness and wrinkles. It has a protective colloid effect, which results in better skin resistance to pollutants and external irritants. Due to its moisturizing and film-forming properties, a moisture-retentive barrier is formed, which helps to plump up the skin and combat detergency aggressiveness.
Rice-Pro EN-20