Panthenyl triacetate

Energizing agent
Regeneration booster
Hair growth stimulator
Hair conditioning
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Panthenyl triacetate is an acetylated derivative of Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid or Panthenol), that is more stable against hydrolysis in the product and oil-soluble which enables incorporation in oil-based formulations. Under the influence of enzymes, this ingredient breaks down (de-acetylation) into D-Panthenol the active form of Vitamin B5.

Like other Panthenol derivatives, Panthenyl triacetate also boosts metabolic processes in dermal cells and accelerates wound healing and hair growth. Thanks to its soothing and anti-irritating properties, it is a multifunctional superstar ingredient for skin and hair care applications.

Pantothenic acid plays a crucial role in the structure of Coenzyme A, which is involved in the most important processes of ATP (cellular energy deposit molecule) production including beta-oxidation of fatty acids and Krebs (or citric acid) cycle of glucose. So, it acts as an activator for these metabolic processes providing energy for skin regeneration.

Thanks to its lipophilic nature, Panthenyl triacetate penetrates deeper layers of the skin slowly and constantly releases Panthenol, like a supply of crucial components from the depot. So, it exhibits a long-lasting effect that in general is the same action as D-Panthenol, but with prolonged activity.

Panthenyl triacetate is a well-tested, non-irritating, and safe ingredient compatible with almost all common actives. It is used mostly in oil-based products like skin and hair oils, lip care preparations, and lipsticks. Thanks to mild action and stability it is also used in high-end sun care products and recommended for all types of baby care applications.

Panthenol Triacetate, (+)-