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Arginine is a proteinogenic amino acid found in red algae, buckwheat, and human skin. Arginine supports the regeneration of the skin's moisture-binding system and has a relaxing effect on the skin. In addition, it's one of the NMFs (natural moisturizing factors) and supports hydration while enhancing the anchoring and adsorption of other NMFs like PCA.

L-arginine has many essential physiological effects, such as stimulating collagen production and involvement in the cellular immune response and tissue repair. In addition, it improves barrier function while acting as a neutralizer, viscosity modifier, and aesthetic enhancer (improving the sensory profile of formulation). Arginine is also used as a skin and hair conditioner, lessening the irritation potential of preparation.

Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. This means that when a deficiency arises, for example, during a growth phase or when the cornification process is disturbed, it must be supplied by nutritional means. In the skin, Arginine is produced by the breakdown of filaggrins originating in the cornification process. Should an arginine deficiency arise due to cornification disturbance, there is a parallel reduction in the urea content of the skin, as it is a product of Arginine. The result is a marked reduction in the natural moisturizing factors arginine and urea.

Arginine also positively affects skin physiology, influencing the perception of irritation-triggering stimuli, although the exact action mechanism of this interaction is not yet known. A possible explanation for Arginine's anti-stinging and soothing effect is the stabilizing effect of amino acids on the protective acid mantle of the skin because of their buffer effect.

This amino acid promotes the dilation of capillaries. L-arginine is essential for creating nitric oxide in the human body, which directly helps improve circulation. The topical application of L-Arginine dilates the blood vessels in the lips, increasing blood flow to the area, thus engorging the lips with blood and expanding the lip size and color.

In hair care applications, Arginine moisturizes conditions and improves PCA adsorption. It is especially effective with other amino acids, exposing healthy and shiny hair with increased tensile strength.


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