Palmitoyl Glycine

Cleansing agent
Hair conditioning
CAS Number(s)

Palmitoyl glycine is a pearly delicate surfactant ingredient, a product of the condensation of palmitic acid with glycine amino acid. Derived from natural raw materials, it  has unique characteristics:

  • excellent skin tolerability;
  • ecologically safe (it is perfectly biodegradable);
  • cleans the skin, hair, and mucous membranes very delicately.

Palmitoyl glycine is the ideal ingredient to be combined with other surface-active agents. It "softens" the dermal aggressiveness allowing formulation of “soft” detergents such as baby cosmetics, shampoos, bath gels, and safe personal hygiene products adding an attractive appearance.

Thanks to the pearly white color and viscosity, Palmitoyl glycine combined with other detergents delivers a milky and mother-of-pearl appearance of the final product. With better quality and stability, it is a great alternative to traditional Thhyl-Glycol-Stearates.

In addition, Palmitoyl glycine improves the thermo-stability of the formula while increasing and stabilizing the foam. This surfactant is used in delicate shampoos, creamy mother-of-pearl shampoos, bath foams, and cleaning liquids. It is soluble in the aqueous phase of any preparation and can be mixed with surfactant-active agents.
Glycine, N-(1-oxohexadecyl)-