Tricholastyl® LS

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While there is no doubt that hormone levels are an important factor in hair loss, it is far from being the only one. In particular, the aging of the scalp can accelerate the process. A study carried out by Laboratoires Sérobiologiques has demonstrated that glycation, a process long known to occur in the skin aging phenomenon, also takes place in the scalp and can be a trigger of hair loss.

Glycation causes the tissue surrounding the bulb to become rigid and inflexible; as a result, the hair is no longer properly anchored in place, and it may drop out more easily. This also seems to make it more difficult to implant of a new hair follicle. There is also evidence to suggest that inflammation at the scalp level is a contributory factor in alopecia, especially in men. Drawing on its extensive experience in the field of skin aging, LS has developed Tricholastyl® LS, a natural solution to the problem of scalp aging and related hair loss.

Deep action at the scalp level to prevent hair loss

Tricholastyl® LS is a synergistic complex of an extract of the bark of the Indian kino tree (Pterocarpus marsupium), glutamic acid, which serves as a substrate for many cellular reactions, and sodium succinate, which stimulates cell metabolism.

The product is effective in preventing glycation, and also exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties, thereby combating two further factors in the cell aging process. It is suitable for use both in intensive hair loss prevention treatments and in complementary care products such as shampoos and hair tonics.

Scientifically proven benefits

A six-month clinical study, backed with in vitro tests, has proved the product’s effectiveness in protecting and strengthening the bulb and restoring its natural growth cycle. The study confirms that Tricholastyl® LS significantly reduces both frontal and occipital hair loss, and helps to mitigate the seasonal hair loss often observed in summer.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Pterocarpus Marsupium Bark Extract
Disodium Succinate
Glutamic Acid