Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin

Sensory Modifier
Skin conditioning
CAS Number(s)

Cyclodextrins are a well-known group of natural carbohydrates, which, due to their novel cyclic structure, are able to act as the host in the host-guest complex. Hydroxypropyl cyclodextrins are chemically modified (hydroxypropylated) derivatives of those cyclic carbohydrates which enhances their solubility, solubilizing, and encapsulating power. This encapsulation product is frequently called an “inclusion complex” or a “molecular encapsulation” and is a reversible,  equilibrium-controlled process in water, with a hydrophobic guest.

Chemical modification of natural cyclodextrins allows formulators to replace many organic solvents and synthetic surfactants in water-based applications. In addition, Hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin is used for rheology modification resulting in low-viscosity preparation and enabling pumpable VOC-free aqueous products.

Hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin is well tested and pharmacological-grade ingredient. So, it is very safe for personal care products and replaces many other ingredients which possess potential environmental and health, and safety issues. Many manufacturers started to use this ingredient to make their products more attractive to customers.