Camellia Sinensis Leaf Oil

Microcirculation enhancer
Tanning agent
Skin conditioning
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Camellia Sinensis Leaf Oil is an essential oil extracted from green tea leaves. Applied topically, it stimulates the blood flow in the application area, thanks to its xanthin base content. This increase in cutaneous irrigation translates into a general increase in the general metabolism of the skin under treatment, causing a stimulating, decongestive effect.

Green Tea oil is, therefore, used for cosmetic preparations intended to revitalize aged and tired skin. Due to the vegetable base of Camellia Sinensis, Leaf Oil also has an emollient effect, softening and moisturizing skin.

Another field of application for Camellia Sinensis Leaf Oil in cosmetics is in sun products. The introduction of the product in this cosmetic application is due mainly to its puric base content. In 1982, Hu Mah and Teramure showed that theophylline increases tyrosinase synthesis in a melanoma cell culture. Tyrosinase is an essential enzyme in cutaneous pigmentation, as it catalyzes the transformation of tyrosine into melanin through ultraviolet stimulation. When the synthesis of this enzyme is enhanced, skin exposed to the sun tan faster.

The natural pigments of tea also add to this process, as they are absorbed through the skin when applied topically and are deposited on the deep layers of the skin, giving it a dark tone and enhancing the natural tan. Finally, the oily nature of the product protects the skin from an excessive loss of cutaneous hydration caused by long solar exposure.
Green Tea Oil
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