Lavender (Lavandula) Oil

Lavender (Lavandula) is a plant from southern Europe and belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae). The blossom of the lavender bush smells of freshly picked herbs and floral at the same time. This scent is particularly well suited in combination with rose and citrus scents and most notably for men's fragrances.

Lavender is often called a jack of all trades because this plant smells lovely and can have healing properties. The aroma of Lavender oil predominantly has a calming effect on the nerves as well as a relaxing effect and is even used as a remedy. In addition, the aroma of lavender oil has an anti-spasmodic, mood-enhancing effect and is prescribed in the context of aromatherapy for stress, migraines, and sleep disorders.

Lavender essential oil is widely used because of its many benefits and uses, including anti-inflammatory and calming properties that have a balancing effect for many skin conditions. It has a fresh, clean scent. Lavender oil is an all-purpose skincare oil that relieves pain, promotes healing, and prevents scarring by stimulating the cells to regenerate more quickly. It is used on itchy skin, bruises, burns, and blemishes. Lavandula stimulates microcirculation, improves cell metabolism, and promotes the growth of healthy tissue.  Lavender has powerful antibacterial properties and protects skin from harmful bacteria. Its benefits are immediate as it is absorbed rapidly by the skin. It works well in the bath to act on skin and enhances body or face moisturizer's therapeutic and feel-good factor.