Ammonium Lactate


Ammonium Lactate is an ammonium salt of lactic acid used in food processing, pharmacology, and skin and hair care applications. This food-grade ingredient is valued for its humectant and skin conditioning effects and is used as an anionic surfactant.

Like its ancestor, L-lactic acid, Ammonium Lactate acts as a natural moisturizing factor (NMF), providing optimal water contents, boosting moisture retention, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It is especially crucial in wintertime or being under a long-time air conditioner when the NMF production in the skin is insufficient.

Acting as a buffer, it balances the pH of the formulation, especially important for acidic products with high concentrations of AHAs and BHAs. In addition, Ammonium Lactate is a perfect remedy used by dermatologists for treating the skin conditions like xerosis and ichthyosis and relieving itching.

Remarkably lessening observable skin dryness, Ammonium Lactate conditions skin while reducing roughness, desquamation, and flaking. After the application of preparation, it leaves the skin smoother-looking, healthier, and radiant.