Ceramides, structural polar lipids, play a vital role in maintaining moisture and integrity of the skin and hair barrier. They also contribute to the constant renewal of keratinocytes and protection of the outer layer of hair, called the cuticle.

Developed by Cobiosa, Bio-Ceramidyl is a highly purified and natural monogalactosyl-ceramide (glucoceramid) cosmetic active ingredient, associated with cholesterol and phospholipids, similar to the ceramides found in the epidermis and hair. They are responsible for restoring dry, weak, damaged hair and protecting it against chemical agents, physical stress, and damage caused by UV radiation.

Bio-ceramidyl repairs the hair cortex and cuticle, promoting a continuous strand. Increasing resistance and reducing hair strand breakage, it promotes vitality, softness, and shine.

Thanks to its film-forming property, Bio-Ceramidyl helps maintain hair moisture and integrity of the hair strands, protects hair against external agents (wind, sun, pollution, dust, chlorinated water, high temperatures), and repairs hair fibers. It restores dry, fragile, and damaged hair, an ideal ingredient for post-chemical procedures.
Hair conditioning