Ceramide VI (AP)

Barrier enhancer
Hair conditioning
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Ceramides are human-skin-identical compounds that replenish lipid skin's barrier, boost the renewal, and reduce transdermal water loss. Ceramide VI is a member of the ceramides family and exhibits all those beneficial effects.

Ceramide AP consists of a Phytosphingosine backbone connected with a long chain of alpha-hydroxy stearic acid (AHA). Thanks to alpha-hydroxy acid in the structure, this ceramide has an additional attractive property for skin care preparations. Like other AHAs, it acts as a gentle peel, promoting the natural desquamation process and exposing an even, smoother and fresher complexion.

Thanks to its mild action, Ceramide AP is suitable for sensitive skin. It lessens fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates dead and dull cells, and improves barrier function—an ideal ingredient for antiaging skincare products.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

1,3,4-Octadecanetriol, 2-(2-Hydroxy) Stearamide
Ceramide 6

Ingredient products


What are the benefits of Ceramide VI (AP)?

  • Replenishes lipid barrier and enhances skin's protective function
  • Eliminates dead keratocytes from the skin surface
  • Improves water-binding ability and lessens transdermal moisture loss
  • Recovers damaged hair
  • Has skin-identical structure and integrates into structures
  • Effective at low concentrations