It is a protein naturally produced by the human body and is a highly specialized intracellular epidermal protein. It is a fibrous substance that constitutes the essential component of our skin (comprises the main bulk of the horny layer) and with modification forms specialized structures such as hair, and nails. It plays a variety of protective, functional, and decorative roles e.g. increases the volume and sheen of your hair.

Keratin is a tough fibrous protein offering durability and pliability to external tissue. It is quite different from the extracellular proteins found in the dermis, such as collagen, elastin, and the link proteins that provide support and form to the body.

Keratin is the main constituent of hair. Applying extra keratin to the hair replenishes thinning areas and supports the natural hair structure. Repeated permanent wave treatments, harsh shampoos, UV radiation, and the environment are among the various influences that damage keratin. Hair with weakened keratin lacks structure and tonicity.

Keratin-containing shampoos and conditioners are primarily aimed at people with weak, fragile hair. The ingredient helps make hair stronger, softer, and easier to comb. It also helps hair better protect itself and repair damage caused by UV radiation. Keratin has a long history of consumer recognition as a beneficial material in cosmetic preparations. When used at efficacious levels, the consumer is aware of the enhanced qualities and performance on the hair and skin.
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