Keratin Amino Acids

Keratin Amino Acids are made by carefully hydrolyzing sheep's wool or deer hair down to a low molecular weight and consist of a mixture of free amino acids, dipeptides, tripeptides, and tetrapeptides. It is sold as a spray-dried ingredient in the form of preserved light brown powder with a characteristic odor.

Keratin is a highly insoluble protective protein composed of 18 amino acids which is synthesized intracellularly by the epidermal cells. Keratin Amino Acids will augment the free amino acids naturally present in the sebum and in the hair.

Free amino acids naturally present in the hair play an important role in maintaining the moisture balance of the hair, which helps to keep it supple. Keratin Amino Acids's low molecular weight will enable it to penetrate into the hair helping to improve the "healthy" appearance and provide moisturization.

Keratin Amino Acids do not coat the hair in the same way as the commonly used proteins and polypeptides. This ingredient represents the natural way to add the free amino acids essential for the healthy appearance of keratinaceous substrates such as hair, skin, and nails. Consumers are aware that hair is composed of a protein known as keratin, and can readily see the sense in trying to rebuild and condition their hair using Keratin Amino Acids as a basic building block.
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Hair Keratin Amino Acids

What is the role of Keratin Amino Acids in cosmetics?

  1. Benefits to the hair:
    • Ability to enhance moisture binding ability of the hair.
    • Ability to penetrate into the hair.
    • Will give the hair sparkle, shine, and bounce.
    • Augment the free amino acids naturally present.
  2. Benefits to the skin:
    • Augment the free amino acids present in the NMF (largest single component).
    • Ability to penetrate down through the top six layers of the epidermis, enhancing the moisture content of the skin.
    • Will give the skin a soft, healthy, moist appearance.