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Montmorillonite is a phyllosilicate mineral clay of smectite gourp. There are three types of Montmorillonite clays with reddish, bluish, and greenish tints.

Blue montmorillonite clay has the same benefits as Red Montmorillonite but is bluish-gray in color. It is a powerful absorbent, more so than French Green.

Blue montmorillonite is a great clay to use for drawing an abscess or for use in a poultice. It is great for use in soaps as a natural color additive but it extremely drying when used in facials. This type is suitable for oily skin, scalp, and hair care preparations.

Equally effective, Red montmorillonite is useful in cleansing and detoxifying applications. It adsorbs oils and toxins from the skin. Red montmorillonite is also suitable for oily skin and contraindicated for sensitive or dry skin. It is used in some cosmetic and medicinal applications like soaps, body, and foot powders, etc. It is also used in decorative cosmetics as a color additive.

Green montmorillonite is also called French green clay and like other types, it also effectively adsorbs oils and toxins. Rich in ions and minerals nutrients is the most frequently used clay in medicine and skincare procedures like facials and body wraps.

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