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One species of brown algae,  Kelp seaweed (Laminaria Digitata), has been harvested for a long time to extract its potassium and iodine salts. They are very rich in these salts: one kilogram of Laminaria Digitata contains as much iodine and Vitamin C as 10,000 liters of seawater, and the concentration of mineral salts and trace elements is even higher!

Laminaria Digitata is part of the most giant algae found on the Eastern Coast. In adulthood, its thallus varies between 1 and 2m. The brown algae are composed of a smooth and flexible strip and a blade jagged in lashes. It lives fixed on rocks thanks to a system of adhesive cramps at low tide to a depth of 10m. It is taken from the deep sea of the Brehat Archipelago.

Recent development in the techniques used to preserve this alga has considerably increased processing effectiveness, preserving active ingredients intact. Then they undergo micro-division into about 20-micron particles. This enables the most immediate release of the active ingredients found in the algae with a much higher concentration than seawater.

A rich source of vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, PP, K, B12), iodine salts, and essential minerals (Zn, Fe, Cu, Co,) Kelp has become a superstar skincare ingredient, supporting dermal hydration, cellular metabolism, and skin renewal. Laminaria Digitata alga is also a source of proteins, providing amino acids as building blocks for collagen and elastin production and acting as natural moisturizing factors.

Kelp seaweed has a revitalizing and remineralizing mission made possible by its concentrated and extensive range of proteins, trace elements, and vitamins. These components act in synergy to reactivate the inner strengths essential to vitality and skin radiance. In addition, Laminaria stimulates the metabolism of sugars and fats, fighting excess weight and reducing cellulite appearance.

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Laminaria Digitata
Laminaria Digitata (Brown Algae) Extract

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