Butylene Glycol

Preservative booster

Butylene Glycol (1,3-butanediol) is organic alcohol (diol - contains two hydroxy groups) derived from natural renewable raw materials, a multifunctional ingredient included in formulas as a humectant, carrier, antiseptic, solvent, humectant, preservative booster, and emollient. It is a food-grade ingredient found in various peppers used as a flavoring agent in the food industry, thanks to its bitter taste.

It is a widely used ingredient, and it isn't easy to find a modern formula that doesn't contain Butylene glycol. Thanks to the perfect solubilizing property, it is used in many water-based applications as an alternative to glycerin and propylene glycol or combined with those solvents, improving their efficiency. It is ideal for dispersing essential oils, wetting pigments in decorative cosmetics, and clarifying formulas containing surfactants.

Here are some use cases and benefits of this multi-purpose diol:

  • It prevents water assimilation from air into the preparation
  • Acts as an emollient and stabilizes emulsions
  • Fixes fragrances and volatile ingredients
  • Suppresses microbial growth in high concentrations (including mold, yeast, and bacteria) and improves preservatives effectiveness
  • Prevents the settling and crystallization of insoluble ingredients
  • Allow controlling viscosity (decreasing) and distribution
  • Moisturizes skin like glycerin
  • Enhances penetration levels and duration of other ingredients
  • Speeds up exfoliation, dissolving the inter-keratinocyte cement
  • It is non-irritating and sensitizing

1,3-Butylene glycol is a safe and perfect ingredient for skin, hair, lip, nail, and care products. It has almost all Vegan, Ecocert, COSMOS, and Halal certifications. In addition, Butylene Glycol itself has an extended shelf life of up to two years.