Coco-Betaine is an amphoteric and biodegradable surfactant that allows the development of extremely mild formulations with rich, abundant, and creamy foam formation and an excellent sensory profile. In addition, thanks to synergistic properties, it can be used in combination with anionic surfactants.

Coco-Betaine has a higher content of vegetable carbon from a renewable source when compared to other types of betaine, such as Cocoamidopropyl betaine. Considered a multifunctional ingredient, its use in synergy with other surface-active agents results in an increase in foam volume and an increase in the viscosity of the formulation, in addition to providing substantivity to the hair and improving combability. Coco-Betaine is compatible with low pH formulations and can be used, for example, in formulations containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs).