Emulium 22™

Skin conditioning

Emulium 22™ is a PEG chain grafted on behenic acid that brings an elegant touch to skincare products and make-up. A feather-light evanescence and solid at room temperature, the fatty acid molecular chain of behenic acid (C22) offers numerous cosmetic properties:

  • The substantivity, long since recognized by formulators, favors the remanence of active ingredients in skin or hair care.
  • An excellent tolerance profile with the skin and the mucous membranes ensures suitability with even the most sensitive skins.
  • It evens the formula's texture and provides a good distribution on the skin.

This emulsifier meets today's demands perfectly: richness, softness, and "mellowness" characterize the appearance, while a light touch and evanescence describe the impression that an emulsion based on Emulium 22™ leaves on the skin. Used at 2% to 6%, it allows the formulation of fluid milk and cream, with excellent stability at up to 40% of the oil phase. In addition, when force is applied, the viscosity of formulas based on Emulium 22™ decreases; this gives the product an excellent capacity for easy spread on the skin.

The long carbon chain of the fatty acid creates substantiveness and remanence in oil-in-water emulsions. In addition, the excellent ability to spread evenly and the fine dispersion of chemical and mineral filters within the emulsion boost the solar protection factors. Numerous tests have demonstrated the physical and sensory qualities brought to the emulsion by behenic acid.

A performant and highly sensorial emulsifier employed between 2% and 6% allows the creation of cosmetic formulas that are evanescent to the touch and glide smoothly and softly on the skin. The light and silky touch contrast with the bright, creamy appearance of the emulsion, which, paradoxically, evokes richness and comfort.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Tribehenin PEG-20 Esters

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