Palmitoyl Heptapeptide-18

The physiology of muscle contraction is well known. The mechanisms by which muscle contracts are well defined. For years, many different cosmetic ingredients have tried to fight against wrinkles and lines of expression caused by muscle contraction.

Palmitoyl Heptapeptide-18 is a smart ligand that identifies the neuronal cells controlling skin deeper muscle micro-contractions and represses the calcium entry into the neuron, inhibiting acetylcholine release into the synaptic space. In short, this innovative peptide binds neurons and blocks the neuromuscular connection, providing a Botox-like effect with minimal concentrations and without injections.

In high-end formulations, Palmitoyl Heptapeptide-18 combined with Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-52 also blocks neurons' calcium channels, potentiating (working in synergy and enhancing efficiency) the neuromuscular-blocking effect and lowering peptide concentrations up to 0.001%. This peptide duo reduces deep wrinkles and fine lines from 20 to 27% in 28 days of treatment.

Skin conditioning
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