Meadowsweet (Spiraea Ulmaria) extract

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Meadowsweet (Spiraea Ulmaria) also known as Queen of the Prairie or Filipendula rubra grows in wet soils and marshes of North America. It is a perennial plant that reaches 2.4m tall with oval and toothed leaves and prominent veins running along the undersides. The flower is white to pink, with five small petals blooming from June to August.

Fox Indians used Spiraea Ulmaria roots for the treatment of heart problems and as an aphrodisiac. Thanks to the high tannin content, Queen of the Prairie exhibits astringent properties and has been used to treat diarrhea and stop bleeding. Besides tannins, it is also rich in salicylates, specifically salicylic acid, with an Aspirin-like effect and has been used for the treatment of the flu, arthritis, and fevers.

Spiraea Ulmaria Extract is a useful ingredient for skincare preparations. By improving cell respiration, Meadowsweet natural plant extract improves dermal cell proliferation and renewal rate. It also provides a significant level of environmental protection.

Rich in tannins, Spiraea Ulmaria extract has an astringent action. Besides tannins, this plant is high in salicylates and salicylic acid (BHA) which gently exfoliates the skin, eliminating dead and dull cells from the surface. Meadowsweet extract is also a potent antioxidant protecting skin from UV-induced damage and scavenging free radicals.

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Spiraea Ulmaria Extract
Queen of the Prairie Extract
Filipendula Rubra Extract
NAB Queen of the Prairie
Filipendula Ulmaria Flower

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